Who we are

Four carpenters with the same passion for wood and for hand-crafted work, and projected forward in the future.

Our story

I Falegnami company is born of the collaboration of four carpenters who had the idea to join their expertise for providing an outstanding quality and custom-made service to customers.
Each carpenter has its own story, its own experience and skills, but all of them have the same spirit: the traditional desire and passion in developing innovative ideas using the last generation technologies.
I Falegnami are attentive to care and to detailed projects, properly studied for defined spaces.

Following the design in each stage, they work with professionalism and affection for creating high quality and robust furniture, furnishings, doors and windows, floors.
Each processing is realized in the full respect for the environment, using wood coming from programmed regrown forests, water paints and low formaldehyde glues.
The years pass, but the modus operandi always remains the same. From the idea to design, to the essence choice, in order to define the original technique which lasts over time.


Look ahead exporting Made in Italy (and Made in Bergamo) abroad.


Woodworking is not only a job for us, it is a philosophy of life. Wood is a noble and valuable matter, an “alive” material.


Everyday we commit to satisfy our customer needs in the respect of the environment.






Walter Nicoli

The principal chamber member of the company. A carpenter, surveyor, material responsible and designer. He began to work in the timber industry in 1978, since then he has carried on business as a freelancer gaining experience. Obtained the high school Diploma as surveyor in 1982, he had the possibility to put his knowledge into practice, carrying out sketches and 3D rendering for interior design. He is currently the CEO and in charge of the Sales & Marketing area of the company 


Matteo Nicoli

His collaboration with the company I Falegnami started in 2007. When he graduated as wood and furniture  operator at high school of Art “Andrea Fantoni” of Bergamo, he provided aptitude and excellent skills to the company for creating unique art works. He is committed to mounting artifacts and to projecting with next-gen instruments as Autocad and 3d rendering.


Stefano Pezzotta

Expert carpenter and wood master. Stefano began his work experience as a carpenter in 1989, he has continued over the years, gaining experience and great manual capacity in realization of handcraft objects using sophisticated machineries and dedicated equipment. He is in charge of the products production.


Maurizio Pievani

Valuable carpenter and wood poser master. Maurizio has a twenty-year experience as a carpenter. He mainly developed his own skills in installation of wood materials in construction sites, managing with versatility any issue related to this activity, assembling the final product.