We create and restore high quality and perfectly refined
furniture, furnishings, doors and windows and floors.

Unique design

Thanks to the passion and the experience in woodworking, any creation is well finished in the smallest details, for satisfying different projects’ demands.

Every realization is taken care of the slightest details, pleasing any project need. Once an accurate inspection has been made, the proposed project is designed by a computerized program which allows to display the furniture placing it in the existing space. By doing so, the customer is able to see the final prospect as a satisfying result of its requests, having the chance to modify measures, colors and shapes of the furnishings. Each draft shall be presented, and possibly amended, to be perfect.

The stunning professionalism of I FALEGNAMI follows you, not only in the design, realization and mounting stage, but also it provides the ENEA compilation service (National Agency for the Energy Efficiency), necessary to obtain tax deductions for interventions in the building energy upgrading.


Customized drafts


3D rendering


Innovative ideas