Thanks to the passion and to the woodworking experience, each creation is designed taking care of the slightest details for pleasing different planning needs.

Our portfolio

Wood restoration

The aged wood with its beautiful imperfections, tell the story of a floor or an antique furniture. It is surely a resistant material, but also very sensitive. Besides the production, we deal with restoration of furniture, doors and windows, furnishings and fixtures. In this way we are able to extend your artifacts’ life to fully recover their original splendour. I Falegnami restore parquet, doors and windows, balconies and other wood artifacts as well.

The scrupulous repairing and the ancient timber restructuring occurs in the respect of the existing trims, helping wood to return to his former glory. I Falegnami deal with the realization of new artifacts, and also the maintenance and the restoration of the current manufactures, retaining them and assuring the resistance over time. Every processing is designed in the respect of the environment, using wood coming from programmed regrowth forests, water paints and low formaldehyde glues.