Thanks to the passion and to the woodworking experience, each creation is designed taking care of the slightest details for pleasing different planning needs.

Our portfolio

Parquet and wood floors

Choosing a floor is an important decision. Parquet is a synonym of heat and elegance inside the house. A wooden floor makes valuable any space and give the opportunity to walk barefoot in the room rediscovering, in a alternative way, the connection with nature and beauty combined to the heat offered. It is a nonstop excitement. The welcoming pleasure that only timber gives. Besides the commercially parquet, we offer the possibility

to create and mount new kinds of non commercial parquet with specific essences which fit into a customer need, such as raw beech, walnut and rosewood. All of these types are directly produced by I falegnami. Moreover, we are able to restore our old valuable parquet, repair it in a lamellar structure, turn it into the finest parquet. Any proposed solution is a custom-made product, from the design to the realization, respecting the environment.