Thanks to the passion and to the woodworking experience, each creation is designed taking care of the slightest details for pleasing different planning needs.

Our portfolio

Arbours, trusses, balconies

I Falegnami work in the building sector realizing arbors, trusses and balconies. Each item is designed properly in order to reassess a rustic space and to conjure up the past architecture. We create personalized manufacturing operations with a dash of style, bringing an added value to the ambient. Custom-made dependance, bersò and gazebo are projected by an appropriate

coverage and insulation with floors, doors and windows and walls, becoming usable places year-round. According to the A class eco-Trentino style, we are environmentally friendly. We are able to intervene on any front thanks to basket lifts up to 60 meters high. Technology help us in any step of the production considering a traditional approach.